Amy Welch

Technical Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Amy Welch is a technical consultant at ThoughtWorks with a BA Computer Science from Oxford University. She has a particular interest in developing open source, decentralised software that has grown since starting work on the D-CENT project. She is passionate about increasing diversity in the technology industry and volunteers with an organisation that teaches young women to code.

My Sessions

DCENT: technologies and institutions for 21st century democracy

Medialab Auditorio

Chair: Paolo Gerbaudo, Director, Centre for Digital Culture, King’s College London; Hosted by: Gunnar Grimsson (CEO, Citizens Foundation, Reykjavik City), Jaromil (dyne.org), Eduardo Robles (Agora Voting), Felicity Moon & Amy Welch (Thoughtworks), Javier Ruíz (OpenRights), Andreas Karitzis (Development consultant and independent researcher, HUB)

Democracy Lab