Ana Méndez de Andés

Strategic Planning and International Advisor, Madrid City Council

Ana is an Advisor in the City Council of Madrid. She is an architect and planner who has worked extensively in urbanism and landscape projects in cities such as Amsterdam, London and Madrid and on different scales, from general municipal plans and territorial strategies to the design of small urban public spaces. Ana has also been a professor of urbanism in Madrid and Shanghai. She has coordinated workshops and seminars around themes like the urban commons, public spaces, strategic cartographies, and a radical democratic municipal project, at various universities and cultural institutions. She has participated in collective research projects such as areaciega and Car-Tac and is part of the Observatorio Metropolitano de Madrid. Recently, Ana has been closely involved with the Ahora Madrid project, and she’s now working in the cultural Department of the City hall of Madrid.

My Sessions

Building a network of Cities of Change: the new democratic institutionality and the constituent power of the commons

Museo Reina Sofia Auditorio

Chair: Ana Méndez de Andés, Strategic Planning and International Advisor, Madrid City Council; Ana Taboada Coma, Lawyer and Deputy Mayor, City of Oviedo; Joonas Pekkanen, E-participation Manager, City of Helsinki; Teele Pehk, CEO, Estonian Cooperation Assembly; Aik van Eemeren, Chief Technology Office, City of Amsterdam; Clémence Pène, Digital Director for the Mayor of Paris, City […]

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