Baki Youssoufou

CEO of the platform We Sign It

Baki Youssoufou, founder and CEO of the platform We Sign It the citizen mobilization platform in 25 languages. During his studies in Bank and market risk then social and solidary economy where he specialized in micro-finance and local economy. He also participated in the creation and development of a new students’ union “La Confédération étudiante” (Cé). On a student/national level, he sat on various representatives’ councils. He was the President of the structure from 2008 to 2012. During these years of commitment, it came to him that unions and civil society needed a new momentum to become again the representative mass organizations they once were. Internet is an important tool for this new kind of democracy. He is French, originally from Sierra-Leon and Niger. Thanks to digital technology, he is involved directly or indirectly in the remarkable social, political and economic mutation. He is the spokes’ person of “Active Generation” a global web activists network created during the Tunisian revolution and a member of “Africtivistes” the African web activists network. He is very active in Nuit Debout in the communication commission.

My Sessions

Technopolitics and networked movements: from 15M to Nuit Debout

Medialab Auditorio

Starting in 2010, we are witnessing the emergence of interconnected revolts, occupying the squares of big cities through a strategic use of communication technologies. Network movements from Tunice, Egypt and Spain to United States, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil or Hong Kong. And now France, with the experience of #NuitDebout. All these movements share many things in […]

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