Bernardo Gutiérrez

Journalist, Comms at Medialab-Prado

Bernardo Gutierrez is a Spanish-Brazilian journalist, writer, researcher and activist. He writes about techno-politics, free culture, networks and social movements. He directed Wikipraça project for São Paulo ‘s City Hall, a process around territorial and digital participation. He is part of el Buen Conocer / FLOK Society team in Ecuador and the author of the techno-political research about Latin America of OXFAM. He works in the Participation City Lab of MediaLab Prado (Madrid ‘s City Hall)

My Sessions

Latin America: participation and technopolitical innovation

Medialab Auditorio

The session will review some experiences from the beginning of “participatory budget” in Porto Alegre to the techno-political innovations of Latin American social movements in recent years. Besides, the session will share projects and participatory platforms of different Brazilian governments, the School of Policy Innovation and Nariño Open Government (Colombia) and Wikipolítica (Jalisco, Mexico), party-movement […]

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