Bruno Kaufmann

Chairman, Democracy and Election Commission, City of Falun, Sweden

Bruno Kaufmann is member of the City government of Falun in Sweden, where he leads the local work to develop active citizenship and participatory democracy. He is the co-founder and president of the leading global think-tank on modern direct democracy, the Initiative and Referendum Institute and co-heads the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, which will have its sixth edition in Donostia-San Sebastian November 16-19. As a journalist Bruno covers democratic affairs for the Swiss Broadcasting Company and is editor-in-chief of its democracy platform [people2power.info]. He is author of the European Unions “Passport on Active Citizenship” (published in 22 languages).

My Sessions

Direct Democracy: New opportunities in the Digital Age for reinventing politics

Museo Reina Sofia Auditorio

Bruno Kaufmann, Chairman, Democracy and Election Commission, City of Falun, Sweden Theo Schiller, Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, Institute of Political Science, Philipps University Marburg Adam Greenfield, Writer and urbanist Andreas Gross, Director, Atelier pour la Démocratie Directe, Switzerland Marília Jahnel de Oliveira, Coordinator, Right to the City, Municipal Secretariat for Human Rights and Citizenship, […]

Conferencia Internacional

Workshop: Making Modern Direct Democracy Work

Medialab Auditorio

While the idea of a more participatory democracy is gaining ground on all political levels across the world, the concrete steps towards more practical use of direct democracy tools and procedures are facing a host of challenges, hurdles and opposition. Intended to continue the debate begun at the Direct Democracy session of the International Conference, […]

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