Fabrizio Sestini

Senior Expert, Digital Social Innovation, European Commission DG Connect

Fabrizio Sestini is Senior Expert in Digital Social Innovation with DG CONNECT of the European Commission. He is leading the multidisciplinary initiative “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation”, which aims at stimulating bottom-up innovative ideas for collaborative platforms exploiting network effects to include citizens, grassroots organisations and civil society in participatory social innovation processes. He is also pioneering a new area of research on distributed architectures for decentralised data governance, aiming at creating a level playground for new privacy-by-design applications exploiting the full potential of open data. In his career with the European Commission he has enjoyed launching and managing several research initiatives related to different aspects of Internet research, policies and developments. He has a PhD in Information and Communication Engineering and has published some 30 scientific papers. He is an IEEE Senior Member and has served on boards organising several scientific conferences. Sestini is an Internet Policy Fellow of Cambridge University.

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Growing collective platforms and digital democracy in Europe

Museo Reina Sofia Auditorio

Fabrizio Sestini, Senior Expert, Digital Social Innovation, European Commission DG Connect

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