Co-founder Dyne.org

Jaromil is an activist, hacker and artist, co~founder of the Dyne.org think &do tank, home to a digital community of critical makers and nomadic developers. He writes code and publishes it as free and open source software, his research focuses on the subjects of decentralization, algorithms and independent media practices. Jaromil was awarded the Vilém Flusser Award (Transmediale) and recognized as top 100 social enterpreneur (Purpose Economy, 2014) and European young leader (40 under 40, 2012).

My Sessions

DCENT: technologies and institutions for 21st century democracy

Medialab Auditorio

Chair: Paolo Gerbaudo, Director, Centre for Digital Culture, King’s College London; Hosted by: Gunnar Grimsson (CEO, Citizens Foundation, Reykjavik City), Jaromil (dyne.org), Eduardo Robles (Agora Voting), Felicity Moon & Amy Welch (Thoughtworks), Javier Ruíz (OpenRights), Andreas Karitzis (Development consultant and independent researcher, HUB)

Democracy Lab