Jinsun Lee

Founder, WAGL, Seoul, South Korea

Jinsun Lee is a founder & CEO of WAGL (We-All-Govern Lab), a politics startup based on Seoul, South Korea. She has been working as a scholar specializing in Internet activism and participatory journalism and activist struggling for social innovation and democratization. Before founding WAGL on August 2015, she has worked as Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts at Old Dominion University, USA. She was Vice President of Hope Institute, which aims to social innovation and grassroots democracy in Korea. WAGL is committed to promote bold innovative experiments in media and politics, and changing political landscape by engaging more people in decision-making processes on horizontal networks. WAGL has led a new wave of civic action in Korea by developing online platforms such as filibuster.me and pingkorea.com. and hosting national/international workshops and lectures including Camp by the Crowd in 2015.

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Global hacktivism for democracy

Museo Reina Sofia Auditorio

Chair: Yago Bermejo Abati, Project Coordinator, Medialab-Prado, City of Madrid Richard Bartlett, Co-founder, Loomio.org, Wellington, New Zealand Jinsun Lee, Founder, WAGL, Seoul, South Korea Audrey Tang, Contributor, g0v.tw, Taipei, Taiwan Diego Arredondo Ortiz, Communication and technology, Wikipolítica, Guadalajara, Mexico Marco Sachy, Distributed Ledger Architect, Dyne.org Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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