Joonas Pekkanen

E-participation Manager, City of Helsinki, Forum Virium Helsinki

Joonas Pekkanen has been involved in the D-CENT project since its beginning. Last year he was recruited to lead the e-participation functions of the City of Helsinki. His background is in citizen activism and startups. Joonas is a founding member of Open Knowledge Finland, he has founded a civil society organisation called Open Ministry to crowdsource law proposals into parliament and is involved in numerous open data and digital commons projects

My Sessions

Building a network of Cities of Change: the new democratic institutionality and the constituent power of the commons

Museo Reina Sofia Auditorio

Chair: Ana Méndez de Andés, Strategic Planning and International Advisor, Madrid City Council; Ana Taboada Coma, Lawyer and Deputy Mayor, City of Oviedo; Joonas Pekkanen, E-participation Manager, City of Helsinki; Teele Pehk, CEO, Estonian Cooperation Assembly; Aik van Eemeren, Chief Technology Office, City of Amsterdam; Clémence Pène, Digital Director for the Mayor of Paris, City […]

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