Marcelo Branco

Cocriador of the Conexões Globais conexoesglobais.com.br

Professional of technology of the information from always and activist of the #softwarelivre, by the freedom of the knowledge, by the rights in the network and new forms of participation via Internet. It was co-creator of the International Forum of Free Software of Carry Cheerful (fisl), participated actively of the construction of the first editions of the World-wide Social Forum. By three years was the general director of the Campus Party Brazil.

My Sessions

Latin America: participation and technopolitical innovation

Medialab Auditorio

The session will review some experiences from the beginning of “participatory budget” in Porto Alegre to the techno-political innovations of Latin American social movements in recent years. Besides, the session will share projects and participatory platforms of different Brazilian governments, the School of Policy Innovation and Nariño Open Government (Colombia) and Wikipolítica (Jalisco, Mexico), party-movement […]

Democracy Lab