Marco Sachy

Distributed Ledger Architect, Dyne.org Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marco is PhD in Critical Management Studies from University of Leicester School of Management, with a thesis titled Money as a Commons – toward a user-managed currency and payment system design. As a hacktivist, aka Radium, he co-authors a blog wherein his research topics and innovative empirical applications are presented to a wider public – www.dyndy.net. Since the dawn of Bitcoin and the distributed ledger revolution, both academic and social engagement have made Marco grow within Dyne.org Foundation (www.dyne.org) as a Distributed Ledger Architect as his work on Freecoin (freecoin.ch) focuses on the nature of money, decentralized trust management and (crypto / complementary) – currency design coupled with banking engineering to leverage the ‘blockchain, in order to proactively expand the representational horizon for the bottom-up resistance of the Multitude against the unfolding violence of financial capitalism. As a codebase to build ‘custom blockchains’, Freecoin serves pilot communities in two EU-funded Collective Awareness Platforms: Decentralized Citizens Engagement Technologies, or the D-CENT Project (dcentproject.eu); and Poverty Income and Employment News, or the PIE News Project, due to start in the second half of 2016. Outside the CAPS landscape, Freecoin is finding application also at the level of agile organization management and to frame value exchange in the upcoming Internet of Energy (dajie.eu).

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Museo Reina Sofia Auditorio

Chair: Yago Bermejo Abati, Project Coordinator, Medialab-Prado, City of Madrid Richard Bartlett, Co-founder, Loomio.org, Wellington, New Zealand Jinsun Lee, Founder, WAGL, Seoul, South Korea Audrey Tang, Contributor, g0v.tw, Taipei, Taiwan Diego Arredondo Ortiz, Communication and technology, Wikipolítica, Guadalajara, Mexico Marco Sachy, Distributed Ledger Architect, Dyne.org Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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