Pablo Aragón

Researcher at Pompeu Fabra University

PhD candidate at the Artificial Intelligence Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. From 2011, he works as a researcher at the Digital Humanities Group at Eurecat – Catalonian Technological Centre (formerly known as Social Media Group at Barcelona Media), where he focuses on the analysis, tracking and visualization of big volumes of data from the Social Web. More precisely, he studies the dynamics surrounding the communication and circulation of information in the context of political debates and emergent movements (such as 15M). This research aims to understand the evolution of the interaction patterns and models of network organization in local, national and international politics after the communication revolution brought about by the Internet and social networks. He also collaborates with the research group “Networks, Social Movements and Technopolitics” (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) in the following projects: D-CENT and DatAnalysis15M.

My Sessions

Data Journalism with Decide Madrid

Medialab Alameda 1

In collaboration with Fundació Civio, this datathon will share datasets of networks from Decide Madrid and demonstrate how to explore them with ONODO: the network visualisation tool developed by Civio and Eurecat within the CHEST projecthttp://onodo.org/en/. This is an open session but will be tailored towards citizens engaged in data science and data journalism. Hosted […]

Democracy Lab