Sofía de Roa

Journalist on behalf of the Association 'Calidad Cultura Democráticas' www.ccdemocraticas.net

Sofía de Roa is a spanish journalist. She studied Political Campaign at Ortega-Marañon Institute, and Digital Citizienship, Culture and Comunication at Madrid’s Media Lab Prado and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, to research on how to improve the democracy at political parties, allowing public scrutiny and participation, by introducing new forms of internal operation. In particular, she susuggests to implement a Quality Indicators System, a method promoted from Asociación Calidad y Cultura Democráticas, organization where she belongs from 2013. She participated at 15M Movement and municipalist proyect Ganemos Madrid. Currently, she works at Podemos, developing the transparency system. Some publications: “Movimiento 15-M:¡ Cuidado que viene el ciudadano!.” Mas poder local 6 (2011);  “Actúa: 12 llamadas a la acción frente a la crisis económica, política y social”. Debate (2012) ARTAL, Rosa M., et al. “Prototipos: 12/14” SAMPEDRO V. Ed. (2015).

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